Ripley and Scuff

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Ripley & Scuff
Genre Children's television
Country of origin United Kingdom
Original language(s) English
No. of series 2
Running time 20 minutes
Original network ITV Network (CITV)
Original release 7 January 2002 – 28 February 2003

Ripley and Scuff is a children's programme that was produced for ITV's children's strand CITV and originally aired from 7 January 2002 to 28 February 2003. The show is a spin-off to the highly successful Roger and the Rottentrolls.


The show sees Ripley and Scuff along with their sister Strid and their pet barguest Bargie visiting schools across the UK and wreaking havoc.


  • Ripley - the leader of the gang but isn't very clever. Ripley is also the son of Sigsworthy Crags from Roger and the Rottentrolls.
  • Scuff - the least intelligent one and usually gets things wrong. Scuff is also the son of Sigsworthy Crags from Roger and the Rottentrolls.
  • Strid - their sister who is the most clever and often calls Ripley and scuff "Silly Spoons!". Strid is also the daughter of Kettlewell from Roger and the Rottentrolls.
  • Bargie - a baby barguest from Roger and the Rottentrolls.
  • Grandad Gordon - a man who does art and craft with the kids of the school.
  • The Story Princess - a princess that reads stories to the children (from Series 2). In the first series, the stories were read out by either Ripley, Scuff or Strid.

Ripleys Rascals[edit]

At the end of the visit Ripleys band 'Ripley's Rascals' play the theme tune with Ripley on the drums, Scuff on the guitar, Strid on the keyboard and Bargie on the glockenspiel. The music on this TV programme sounds remarkably similar to R-Type music on the Commodore 64 from 1988.


  • When CITV promoted the first series, the 'Sneaky Peek' feature had the theme from its predecessor Roger & The Rottentrolls playing instead of Ripley & Scuff's.
  • Ripley, Scuff and Strid made an appearance in the CITV studio on the launch day of the first series on 7 January 2002.
  • The second series was frequently repeated on the CITV Channel between 2006 and 2010.

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