Riptide (Australian TV series)

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Created by Michael Noonan
Starring Ty Hardin
Theme music composer Tommy Tycho
Country of origin Australia
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 26
Running time 49 minutes per episode
Original network Seven Network
Original release 6 February 1969

Riptide is an Australian adventure television series starring Ty Hardin which was first broadcast in 1969. The show featured a foreign lead actor and a foreign producer, similar in approach to The Outsiders. Co-stars were Jonathan Sweet and Sue Costin, while guest roles featured Australian actors such as Tony Ward, Rowena Wallace, Michael Pate, Bill Hunter, Helen Morse, John Meillon, Chips Rafferty, and Jack Thompson.[1] The series was filmed at Australian locations.


The protagonist Moss Andrews (played by Ty Hardin, who had previously appeared in Bronco) is a once successful US-American businessman who took a sabbatical after his wife had died prematurely. The widower undertook a long sailing trip, hoping that experiencing pure nature would give him some peace of mind. In Australia, the beautiful environment helped him to pull himself together again and therefore he has decided to stay for the time being, operating a charter boat company along the eastern seaboard. However, he is frequently bothered by suspicious characters who try to follow through on hidden schemes. He always manages eventually to put paid to all looming menaces.


The series was filmed in colour. The budget was sufficient. Word is, Ty Hardin openly admitted being pleased: "We can make a Riptide episode here for $70,000. In the States it would cost $200,000."[2] Unfortunately for him the reception of this product didn't meet the expectations of its producers. US-American broadcasters rejected the series[3] and the enthusiasm of audiences in Australia and Europe was merely lukewarm. Subsequently, there was no second season for this TV show.


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