Rise of the Blood Legion: Greatest Hits (Chapter 1)

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Rise of the Blood Legion: Greatest Hits (Chapter 1)
Greatest hits album by In This Moment
Released May 4, 2015
Recorded 2006–13
Length 66:19
Label Century Media
Producer Eric Rachael, Kevin Churko
In This Moment chronology
Black Widow
(2014)Black Widow2014
Rise of the Blood Legion: Greatest Hits (Chapter 1)

Rise of the Blood Legion: Greatest Hits (Chapter 1) is the first compilation album by the American heavy metal band In This Moment. It was released by Century Media on May 4, 2015.


The compilation comprises the band's four releases through Century Media. Material from their 2014 album, Black Widow, is not included. The track listing was helmed by the band themselves.[1] The DVD (US version only) contains all of their music videos except "Call Me" and anything from the Black Widow album. The title refers to the bands loyal fan base, which have been dubbed "The Blood Legion", also the title of the thirteenth track off 2012's Blood.

The album cover was revealed online on March 21, 2015.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Whispers of October"
  2. "Beautiful Tragedy"
  3. "Prayers"
  4. "Daddy's Falling Angel"
  5. "The Rabbit Hole"
  6. "Forever"
  7. "Into the Light" (live)
  8. "The Gun Show"
  9. "The Promise"
  10. "World in Flames"
  11. "Rise with Me"
  12. "Blood"
  13. "Scarlet"
  14. "Adrenalize"
  15. "It Is Written"
  16. "Burn"
  17. "Whore"
  18. "The Blood Legion"

DVD (U.S. only)

  1. "Beautiful Tragedy"
  2. "Prayers"
  3. "Forever"
  4. "The Gun Show"
  5. "The Promise"
  6. "Adrenalize"
  7. "Blood"
  8. "Whore"