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Rise of the Video Game is a five-part series on The Discovery Channel about the history of video games. The first episode aired in November 2007.[1] The series ran under the title I, VIDEOGAME in Europe.[2]



  • The first video game was "Cathode-Ray Tube Amusement Device" in 1947. Followed by "OXO" by Alexander Douglas in 1952, which was the first Video Game to use memory and actual graphics.
  • Tennis for Two was not the first computer game. OXO by Alexander Douglas was the first (1952).
  • Sierra's second game was not King's Quest. It was The Wizard and the Princess.
  • Battlezone was not first first-person game. Night Driver came long before it.
  • Battlezone was not what made the Army look into simulation. At the time Battlezone came out Evans and Sutherland already had highly detailed military simulations.
  • Rescue on Fractalus! was not the first game to have first-person flight. In home games it was subLogic's Flight Sim.
  • Doom did not have a higher frame rate than Wolfenstein 3D. It had a lower frame rate. (Doom was locked at 35 frames per second while Wolfenstein 3D was locked at 70 frames per second, a common vertical refresh rate in displays of that time).
  • Graeme Devine did not create Pole Position
  • Super Mario Bros. did not introduce Luigi, as he appeared earlier in Mario Bros.


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