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Rishi Patialvi (1917–1999), born Bam Dev Sharma,[1] hailing from Hoshiarpur District (Punjab), was a popular Urdu poet belonging to Daagh Dehlvi’s lineage. He was a disciple of Naseem Noormahali who was a disciple of Labhu Ram Josh Malsiyani (1883-1976), a disciple of Mirza Khan Daagh Dehlvi. He died of a massive heart-attack on 26 December 1999 at Mumbai aged 82 years.[2]

Rare 1965 photo-print of an informal gathering of poets/writers at the residence of Zia Fatehabadi.Seen left to right :- Naresh Kumar Shad, Kailash Chander Naaz, Talib Dehalvi, Khushtar Girami, Balraj Hairat, Saghar Nizami, Talib Chakwali, Munavvar Lakhnavi, Malik Ram, Jainendra Kumar, Zia Fatehabadi, Rishi Patialavi, Bahar Burney, Joginder Pal, Unwan Chishti and Krishan Mohan.

Five collections of his poems were published during the life-time of Rishi Patialvi, which are:[3]-

  • 1.Reg-e-Rawaan (1972) published by Biswin Sadi, New Delhi 184 pages
  • 2.Phool Unki Mukaanon Ke (1978) published by Punjab Urdu Academy, Chandigarh 136 pages.
  • 3.Roshni Kitni (1979) published by Rishi Publishing House, New Delhi 196 pages.
  • 4.Chhir Gaii Jo Baat Unki (1980) –do- 152 pages
  • 5.Shafaq Rang Aansoo (1981) published by Nao bahaar Saabir, Patiala 328 pages

His other works which are in Urdu prose include Riaz-e-Naseem (1978), Jaize (1966) and Partav-e-Jamhoor (1976).[4]