Rising Star (Babylon 5)

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"Rising Star"
Babylon 5 episode
B5 Rising Star 1.jpg
Episode no. Season 4
Episode 21
Directed by Tony Dow
Written by J. Michael Straczynski
Production code 421
Original air date October 20, 1997
Guest appearance(s)

Joey Dente (Luko)
Denise Gentile (Lise Hampton Edgars)
Rance Howard (David Sheridan)
Michael Potter (General Foote)
Beata Pozniak (Pres. Susanna Luchenko)
Walter Koenig (Bester)

Episode chronology
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"The Deconstruction of Falling Stars"
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"Rising Star" is an episode from the fourth season of the science fiction television series Babylon 5.


ISN continues its reporting on the events transpiring since the end of the Earth Alliance Civil War. Meanwhile, Sheridan has surrendered to Earthforce and is now in a closed session with them to determine how he will answer for his actions. Following Clark's death, Susanna Luchenko of the Russian Consortium has become the Acting President and answers questions from reporters. Her key statement is that Earthdome will investigate the Clark coup carefully so as to separate willing conspirators from those merely coerced into action.

Dr. Stephen Franklin races to Babylon 5 in a White Star, hoping that he can stop a foolhardy sacrifice, but it is too late. Several members of Medlab walk into Ivanova's room to discover Marcus lying comatose against Ivanova, the Alien Healing Machine having transferred his life energy into Ivanova. By the time Franklin arrives, the orderly reports that Marcus is all but dead. Meanwhile, Ivanova has recovered miraculously and has regained consciousness. Franklin cautiously approaches Ivanova. She's in a state of considerable grief having learned that Marcus sacrificed himself to save her. Ivanova laments how she never realized how much Marcus loved her.

Vir reveals to Londo that Regent Virini is in failing health and that the Royal Court has chosen Londo to become Emperor upon his death. Londo hears the news with unexpected trepidation, but then urges Vir to come along.

Back at Earth Dome, Bester enters the room Sheridan is waiting in, asking him whether his lover, Carolyn, was among the 30 Shadow-altered telepaths killed in the battle for Mars. Sheridan reveals that using the telepaths has been one of the toughest decisions he ever made, and he took great pains to only select telepaths with no known kin. Then Sheridan reveals he made sure Carolyn wasn't chosen. She and all the remaining telepaths are on Babylon 5 and will be transferred to Earth once things settle down. But before Bester leaves, Sheridan makes it clear that he knows Bester's agenda to advance telepaths in any way he can. Sheridan knows he'll make another move in the future and will be waiting for it.

Garibaldi roughs up Max, a man known on Mars for underworld accounting. Lise, having avoided the Psi Corps strike that killed her husband, tried to flee the planet by turning to the underworld, but the Martian Mafia are now holding her for ransom. Since such a ransom would have to go through him to be laundered, Max would know where she is held.

Londo and G'Kar join Delenn aboard a White Star. She presents each of them with a copy of a new treaty. Soon they will be joined by the League of Non-Aligned Worlds who will be presented with the same document. G'Kar asks, "Are you sure you want to do this?" Londo starts laughing but explains that it's not because her idea is a joke; the proposal is so revolutionary that it's leaving him lightheaded in anticipation.

President Luchenko explains to Sheridan that he did the wrong thing even if for all the right reasons. She proposes that if he takes responsibility and resigns from Earthforce, she'll give amnesty to everyone else on his crew.

In a nondescript warehouse in one of the Mars domes, Garibaldi and a group of Rangers descend from the ceiling. The mobsters are quickly subdued. Garibaldi then searches the warehouse. He finds Lise and rescues her.

Delenn's White Star jumps into Earth orbit. Delenn announces that her proposal was approved. Lennier wishes Marcus were still here to witness this day.

Delenn, G'Kar and Londo arrive at Earth Dome in time for a press conference. President Luchenko honors those who fought to end the Clark regime. She then turns the podium over to Sheridan, who acknowledges that what he and the Resistance had done was to choose being right over being lawful. He says that he will accept the responsibility and the consequences, formally announcing his resignation from Earthforce. As he finishes, Luchenko next introduces Ambassador G'Kar, who says that the events of the Shadow War and now the Earth Alliance Civil War have given the alien worlds belief in the value of joining together. Then G'Kar reveals that the proposal agreed aboard the White Star is to dissolve the League of Non-Aligned Worlds. Those worlds will now unite, along with the Minbari, Centauri and Narn, in a new Interstellar Alliance born of the philosophies of mutual cooperation and respect. Delenn then speaks in further detail about the new Alliance, also introducing the peacekeeping force of the new Alliance: the Rangers.

President Luchenko meets with Delenn, Londo and G'Kar. Their proposal has caught her by surprise. Luchenko notes she's going to need to know what kinds of benefits Earth could stand to gain. Delenn offers one key technology humans could really use: artificial gravity. Luchenko admits that this is a tempting offer.

General Foote accuses Sheridan of knowing of the forming of the Alliance and demands the certificate of amnesty. However, Sheridan counters by noting that copies have already been given to the press; the original is safe elsewhere. His main goal with the plea bargain was to protect everyone else. Sheridan admits knowing Delenn was planning something, but he hadn't completely banked on it being pulled off. Delenn joins Sheridan in the hall, and she has brought someone with her: Sheridan's father, David. He has been quickly released from custody after Sheridan was rescued. Sheridan's mother evaded capture and is safe in Minneapolis.

At another press conference, Sheridan is formally revealed to be the new President of the Interstellar Alliance. Luchenko has agreed to seek admission into the Alliance. Then Sheridan announces one more condition of Alliance membership: recognition of colonial sovereignty. If a colony world wishes to assume independence, it must be honored. In particular, this means that Earth must recognize the independence of Mars: fulfilling Sheridan's promise to the Mars Resistance.

Garibaldi and Lise watch this news from a bedroom on Mars. Lise asks when he'll have to return to Babylon 5. Garibaldi answers he can wait. Lise then notes she could use someone to help her run Edgars Industries, which she now owns.

One of Sheridan's last acts in Earthforce was to promote Susan Ivanova to full captain. Ivanova has in turn chosen to leave Babylon 5 and take command of a new Warlock-class destroyer, citing personal reasons for leaving the station.

Finally, ISN reports that Sheridan and Delenn were married in a private ceremony aboard a White Star en route to Babylon 5, which will be the temporary headquarters of the Interstellar Alliance until a permanent facility is built on Minbar.

Arc significance[edit]

  • Sheridan has been forced to resign from EarthForce.
  • Sheridan is reunited with his father.
  • Sheridan marries Delenn on a White Star.
  • The Interstellar Alliance is formed, with Sheridan as its President, and Earth agrees to join this new alliance in exchange for limited access to Minbari and Vorlon technology, provided that Earth also recognize the Independence of Mars. The Alliance intends to use the Rangers, whose primary mission against the Shadows is now moot, as the arbiters and peacekeepers of the Interstellar Alliance.
  • Londo Mollari learns that the Regent of the Centauri Republic is dying, and that he will be named the next Emperor after the Regent's death.
  • Marcus uses the Alien Healing Device to save Ivanova, sacrificing his own life in the process. This is portended by a conversation Ivanova has with the first one known as Lorien earlier in the season, in which he discusses the pains of immortality and how "only love is eternal", and that she should embrace that. Cole's dying words "I love you" echo this sentiment.
  • As Sheridan's last act as an Earth Force officer, Ivanova is promoted to Captain, and she leaves the station. She is given command of a new Warlock-class vessel.
  • In the episode's epilogue, Delenn notes that the Telepath War, the Drakh War, and strains within the Interstellar Alliance would be major events in the subsequent 20-year timespan.

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