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The Rising Storm is an American garage rock group that was active at Phillips Academy in Andover, Massachusetts between 1965 and 1967. Their music is generally considered to belong in the folk rock and garage band genres.

The original members of the group were Bob Cohan, Todd Cohen, Charlie Rockwell, Tom Scheft, Tony Thompson, and Rich Weinberg. The Rising Storm is most notable for their LP album, "Calm Before", which is cited by rock and roll historian Richie Unterberger in Allmusic[1] as being "one of the rarest and most respected garage band albums". Unterberger devoted a chapter of his 1998 book, Unknown Legends of Rock 'n' Roll,[2] to the Rising Storm.

More than fifty years after the group's founding, mint copies of "Calm Before" can fetch 4 figures among record collectors interested in the garage rock era. The notoriety of this rare album has been the subject of articles in the Boston Globe,[3] Boston Magazine, the Washington Post,[4] Mojo magazine, and a feature on NPR's All Things Considered.

Apart from "Calm Before" and the reissues it has spawned, the Rising Storm has released two additional albums, "Alive Again at Andover" in 1983 and "Second Wind" in 1999. The band is still active and has reunited to perform on multiple occasions: in 1981, when Cohen was replaced by rock musician and record producer Andy Paley; in 1982, 1992, and 2002, when they played at their 15th, 25th, and 35th class reunions at Phillips Academy; in 1999, when they opened for the Boston reunion of The Remains; in 2007, when they played the Dirty Water Club in London and opened for the Yardbirds at the Primitive Festival[5] in Rotterdam, with progressive musician and composer Erik Lindgren on bass; and in 2014, when Cohen returned as the group's bass player and they performed in Boston at the Pipeline 25 Festival celebrating "50 Years of Boston Rock."


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Calm Before... , Eva 12012 (France), LP 1982 (unauthorized reissue)

"Baby Please Don't Go", "Message To Pretty" and "Don't Look Back" on Endless Journey - Phase 1, Psycho 1 (England), LP 1982 (unauthorized release)

"Frozen Laughter" on The Magic Cube, Eva-Tone 116811 (France), LP 1982 (unauthorized release)

"The Rain Falls Down" on Psychedelic Archives - USA Garage #1, Strange Things (England), Cassette Tape 1990 (unauthorized release)

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Calm Before & Alive Again at Andover, Arf! Arf! AA-034 (USA), CD 1992

Ain't Dead Yet, Arf! Arf! AAV-001 (USA), Video 1993

"A Message To Pretty" on Sixties Rebellion #8 - Mondo Mutiny, Way Back MMLP-65001 (Germany), LP 1994 (unauthorized release)

"Signed D.C." & "Trying to Fool" on Frozen Laughter - A Tribute to the Rising Storm, Stanton Park STP-021 (USA), 7"EP 1994

"Love Starvation" & "Signed D.C." on New England Teen Scene - The Next Generation, Arf! Arf! AA-044 (USA), CD 1994

"She Loved Me" on The Arf! Arf! Blitzkrieg 32-Track Sampler, Arf! Arf! AA-068 (USA), CD 1997

"Frozen Laughter" on promotional CD included with Unknown Legends of Rock 'n' Roll by Richie Unterberger, 1998 (cited below in note 2)

Second Wind, Arf!Arf! AA-083 (USA), CD 1999

"Baby Please Don't Go" on The Arf! Arf! [El Cheapo] 2-CD Sampler, Arf! Arf! AACC-089/090 (USA), CD 2001

"I'm Coming Home" and "She Loved Me" on The Rising Storm, Penniman PENN45024 (Spain), 45rpm 2016

"Frozen Laughter" on Sky Girl, compilation by J. Dechery and DJ Sundae, Efficient Space ES002 (Australia), LP and CD 2016


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