Risopatrón Base

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Location of Robert Island in the South Shetland Islands.

Risopatrón Base, also Luis Risopatrón Base, is a small Chilean Antarctic research base in the northwest of Robert Island in the South Shetland Islands, Antarctica situated on the isthmus linking Coppermine Peninsula to Alfatar Peninsula and bounded by Carlota Cove to the north and Coppermine Cove to the south. Established as a refuge in 1949 and opened as a base in 1954, the facility supports summer research in geology, geophysics and terrestrial biology.

The base is probably named after the Chilean geographer Luis Risopatrón (1869-1930) who compiled and published a comprehensive geographical dictionary of Chile in 1924.


The base is located at 62°22′42.4″S 59°42′02.5″W / 62.378444°S 59.700694°W / -62.378444; -59.700694Coordinates: 62°22′42.4″S 59°42′02.5″W / 62.378444°S 59.700694°W / -62.378444; -59.700694 which is 1.61 km southeast of Fort William, 1.63 km north-northwest of The Triplets, 11.3 km north by west of Arturo Prat Base and 8.16 km north-northeast of Maldonado Base (Bulgarian mapping in 2009.)