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Rita Borsellino

Rita Borsellino (born 2 June 1945 in Palermo) is a Sicilian anti-Mafia activist, politician and Member of the European Parliament (MEP) for the Democratic Party.[1] She is the sister of late judge Paolo Borsellino, killed by a Mafia car bomb in 1992.

Personal life and activism[edit]

Graduated in Pharmaceutics in 1967, after the death of her brother Rita Borsellino has become one of the most popular anti-mafia activists in Sicily, and founded in 1995 Libera, a civil organization with the main goal to diffuse an anti-mafia culture among the youth Sicilians, of which she is currently vice-president. Since 1998 she is also Chairman of "Associazione Piera Cutino - guarire dalla talassemia", a non-profit foundation that promotes medical research against thalassaemia.

2006 regional election[edit]

In 2005, some minor parties of The Union, mainly from the radical left wing, endorsed her as candidate for the primary election. She was then backed also by the Democrats of the Left, being eventually supported by all the coalition parties, except the Daisy (Margherita) who presented another candidate, University of Catania's Dean Ferdinando Latteri. In the primary election, held on December 4, 2005, she then defeated her competitor, and gained the candidacy of the Union for the Sicilian regional election held on 28 May 2006, where she lost to incumbent governor Salvatore Cuffaro. A few years later Cuffaro was found guilty of having helped the mafia, and was banned from public office.

Later elections[edit]

In 2008 she ran for the Italian Senate as an independent with The Left – The Rainbow, but was not elected. In 2009 she headed the Sicilian Democratic Party list in the European elections, and subsequently became a Member of the European Parliament.[1] On 4 March 2012 she ran in a centre-left open primary for the post of Mayor of Palermo, but was defeated by independent candidate Fabrizio Ferrandelli.[2]


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