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Ghita El Khayat, (altern. translit. Rita), (born 1944, Rabat, Morocco) is Moroccan psychiatrist, anthro-psychoanalyst, writer, and anthropologist.[1] [2] In Rabat, she enjoyed the opportunity to attend modern schools, culminating in her graduation from medical school. During her studies she was also active as radio speaker, TV and cinema artist.

Thereafter she accepted a residency as a psychiatry student in Casablanca. However, she moved to Paris, where she graduated in three fields of medicine: psychiatry, medicine of work & ergonomics, and spatial medicine.

While in Paris she studied ethnopsychiatry under George Devereux[3] and also studied Classical Arabic at École spéciale des Langues orientales and began to write.

In 1999 she founded the Association Ainï Bennaï to broaden the culture in Morocco and Maghreb. In 2000, the Association became a publishing house.

She is known for her strong involvement in favour of women's emancipation and social rights.

She is author of more than 350 articles and 30 books.

She is professor of anthropology of the knowledge at the Faculty of Letters and Philosophy of the University of Chieti in Italy.


Le Monde Arabe au Féminin - (L’Harmattan, Paris, 1985).

Les sept jardins - Ed. L’Harmattan Parigi, 1995.

Le Maghreb des Femmes - (Marsam, Rabat 2001).

Le Somptueux Maroc des Femmes - (Marsam, Rabat, 2002).

Une Psychiatrie Moderne pour le Maghreb - (L’Harmattan, Paris,1994)

La Folie, El Hank – (Eddif, Casablanca, 2000)

La Femme dans le Monde Arabe (2001).

Le Livre des Prénoms du Monde Arabe - (Eddif, Casablanca 2002 alla settima edizione).

Le Désenfantement - (Editions Ainï Bennaï, Casablanca 2003)

Le Sein (Editions Ainï Bennaï, Casablanca, 2003)

Métissages culturels (co-author: Alain Goussot), (Editions Ainï Bennaï, Casablanca, 2003)

Les Arabes riches de Marbella, (Editions Ainï Bennaï, Casablanca, 2004)

L’Oeil du Paon - (Editions Ainï Bennaï, Casablanca, 2004)

Psychiatrie, culture et politique (co-author: Alain Goussot), Editions Ainï Bennaï, Casablanca, 2005

La nonagénaire, ses chèvres et l’îlot de Leila – (Editions Ainï Bennaï, Casablanca, 2006)

Le Fastueux Maroc des traditions (Editions Ainï Bennaï, Casablanca, 2007).

Her works have also been translated and published in Italy,[4] Germany,[5][6] Malta, USA


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