Ritam Banerjee

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Ritam Banerjee
Born Jamshedpur, Jharkhand, India
Occupation Photographer
Website http://www.ritambanerjee.com/

Ritam Banerjee is an Indian photographer, specialising in a variety of fields such as travel, fashion, photojournalism, advertising, interiors, portraits and automobiles, among others. He started pursuing photography in 1996. A freelance photographer, Ritam also works with and is globally represented by Getty Images.

Early life[edit]

Ritam Banerjee was born in 1976 at Jamshedpur in eastern India. As a child, he watched his father Robin Banerjee, an avid photographer, at work, and grew to love the camera. He studied at the Loyola High School, Jamshedpur. In 1996, Ritam joined Fergusson College, Pune, to study physics and photography.


Armed with a basic SLR camera, a 50 mm lens and two rolls of films, Ritam started experimenting with photography while he was still in college. Images from those two films were published in the leading Indian newspaper Times of India's Pune edition, giving him a head start.

In 1999, after finishing college, Ritam came to Mumbai, and has been based out of the city ever since. His work has been published widely in leading newspapers and magazines of the world. Several have also been part of permanent displays and exhibitions. Notable among them are his solo exhibitions—'Mumbai: The City that Talks to Me’ (November 2009, Mumbai) and ‘Israel through Indian Eyes’ (October 2010, Mumbai).

One of his interview has been published on Fotoflock on Meet the wondrous and multiple disparate photography of Ritam Banerjee Ritam is also known for his annual theme-based calendars.

Exhibitions and displays[edit]

  • Journey V, Jan–Feb 2010, Mumbai (Group show)




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