Ritam Banerjee

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Ritam Banerjee
Ritam banerjee during World Cup.jpg
Born 1 Jan, 1976
Jamshedpur, Jharkhand, India
Occupation Photographer
Website http://www.ritambanerjee.com/

Ritam Banerjee (born January 1976 in Jamshedpur, India) is a photographer based in Mumbai.[1] He specialises in advertising, automobiles, fashion photography, food photography, architecture photography, interiors, portrait photography, corporate, travel photography and photojournalism.[2] Ritam Banerjee is also known for his theme-based calendars, exhibitions and workshops across the globe.[citation needed] Apart from stills, Ritam has been awarded for cinematography at Tenerife International Film Festival in London.[3]


Ritam started experimenting with photography and had images published in the Times of India's Pune edition. In 1999 he went to Mumbai. Among his works are 'Mumbai: The City that Talks to Me’ (November 2009, Mumbai), ‘Israel through Indian Eyes’[4] (October 2010, Mumbai), The Japanese Girl – A Pictorial Ode to the Land of the Rising Sun (Apr 2011), TRIPtych– A Visual Tribute to Travel (2015) and 'Expressions of Freedom' (Nelson Mandela at the World Economic Forum in Davos) (Jan 2014).

Ritam Banerjee was the photographer for BCCI[citation needed] Indian Premier League 2010,[citation needed] Cricket World Cup 2011[5] and T-20 Cricket World Cup 2016.[citation needed] He captured the historic moment of Sachin Tendulkar, Mahendra Singh Dhoni and Yuvraj Singh holding the World Cup against the iconic backdrop of The Gateway of India. Ritam Banerjee has photographed several celebrities and is also known for his theme-based calendars and his views on photography in India.


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