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RITEK Corporation
Industry Computer Hardware
Optical Media, Flash Memory, Green Product
Founded December 29, 1988
Headquarters Hsinchu Industrial Park, Taiwan
Key people
Chairman: Jintai Yeh
CEO: Gorden Yeh
Deputy CEO: Jennifer Yang
Products Optical Storage, Flash Memory, DRAM Modules, Portable Hard-Drive,Power Bank, PV Modules & System , LED Product, AMOLED&OLED Display, ITO Glass, Touch Panel, NANO-Technology Product, BIO-Technology Product, Plastic Product
Revenue Increase 990 million USD (2013)
Number of employees
3723 (Taiwan)
Subsidiaries RITEK Foundation
PVNEXT Corporation
AIMCORE Corporation (Public)
U-TECH Corporation (Public)
UCHAIN Logistics. Co., LTD.
Prorit Corporation
RiTdisplay Corporation
RiteDia Corporation
Gigastorage Corporation (Public)
GigaSolar Corporation (Public)
CASHIDO Corporation
RitFast Corporation
Kunshan Zhonglai Electronic Technology Co., LTD.
Hutek Corporation
Advance Media Inc.
Conrexx Technology
Ritrax Corp. Ltd.(U.K.)
Sunmark Corp. Ltd.
Chyitek Co. Ltd.
RME Manufacturing Gmbh.
Citrine Group Ltd.
Glory Days Services Ltd.
Website www.ritek.com

RITEK is a Taiwanese consumer electronics group specializing in Optical Media Products, Flash Memory, MP3 Player, Power Bank, Solar Panel, Solar Systems, LED Products, AMOLED&OLED Display and Plastic Products.[2]


Canadian RiDATA Trademark

RITEK Corporation was established on December 29, 1989. It produced the first CD in Taiwan in 1990 and the first DVD in Taiwan in 1996. Since then, Ritek has become the biggest manufacturer of optical storage media. Currently, it also produces HD DVD media for consumers.[2]

RITEK owns RIDATA and the Traxdata brands. It also includes the major subsidiary U-Tech which produces RFID chips and DVDs.[3]

The RIDATA Trademark is listed on the Canadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO) online database and registered under RITEK CORPORATION, No. 42, Kuanfu N. Road, Hsin Chu Industrial Park, Taiwan, Republic of China.[1]




  1. Taiwan: Xinzhuang, Chungli, Hsinchu, Miaoli
  2. China: Yangzhou, Nanjing, Kunshan
  3. Vietnam: Hồ Chí Min
  4. Korea: Cheongwon
  5. Japan: Tokyo
  6. Australia: Sydney
  7. Nederland: Ridderkerk
  8. U.S.A: Silicon Valley,Los Angeles
  9. North Africa: Tunisia


RITEK produces CD-R, DVD-R, BD-R, Optical Storage, Flash Memory, Power Bank, PV Panel, PV System, LED Products, AMOLED&OLED Display.

Recording media[edit]

RITEK is one of the world's largest CD and DVD media producers.[citation needed]

Media types produced by Ritek include CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-R, DVD-R DL, DVD-RW, DVD+R, DVD+R DL, DVD+RW, DVD-RAM, BD-R, Magneto-optical drive media and MiniDisc.

RITEK-manufactured media is sold by different companies under many brands, including Fujifilm, Maxell, Memorex, Philips and Verbatim. It was also sold under the TDK brand from 2001–03, 2009-. Ritek is currently manufacturing DVD+R and Double Layer DVD+R media for TDK (2008).

RITEK's own brands include RIDATA, Traxdata, and Arita.

Confusingly, Rimedia, Ridisc and Rivision are not Ritek brands, but instead come from E-net, a company also known for Datawrite, Datasafe and Tuffdisc brands. Note that the Rimedia, Ridisc and Rivision brands do nevertheless sometimes sell discs which use Ritek media. (Other of their products use CMC Magnetics media.)[4]

Flash memory[edit]

RITEK produces many types, sub-types and flavors of flash memory cards, including CompactFlash, SD cards, unbalanced SD cards, MMC cards, and RS-MMC cards. USB flash dongles ("EZ Drive") are also made by RITEK.[5]


The first Taiwanese OLED screen was made by Ritek. RiTdisplay Corporation is a spin-off and member of the Ritek Group dedicated to display research and manufacturing.[6]

RITEK Foundation[edit]

RITEK Foundation was established by RITEK Corporation Chairman Jintai Yeh in 1999.

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