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Ritual (Master's Hammer album) cover.jpg
Studio album by Master's Hammer
Released 1991 (Czech Republic)
1994 (worldwide)
Genre Black metal
Length 40:03 (vinyl)
50:25 (CD)
Label Monitor (Czech Republic)
Osmose Productions (worldwide)
Producer Miloš Doležal
Master's Hammer chronology

Ritual. is the debut album by Czech black metal band Master's Hammer, initially released through independent label Monitor in 1991. It was later distributed elsewhere and re-released in CD format by Osmose Productions in 1994; Osmose's version contains two bonus tracks.

The track "Jáma pekel" would eventually be re-recorded for Master's Hammer's 2009 album Mantras.

Music videos were made for the tracks "Černá svatozář"[1] and "Géniové".[2]

Track listing[edit]

All lyrics written by Franta Štorm, all music composed by Master's Hammer (Štorm, Necrocock, Monster, Mirek Valenta and Silenthell).

No. Title English title[3] Length
1. "Intro" (instrumental)   0:52
2. "Pád modly"   The Fall of the Idol 6:29
3. "Každý z nás...!"   Each of Us...! 3:30
4. "Ritual" (instrumental)   3:16
5. "Géniové"   Wizards 5:06
6. "Černá svatozář"   Black Halo 5:33
7. "Věčný návrat"   Eternal Return 3:24
8. "Jáma pekel"   Hell's Mouth 4:18
9. "Útok"   Attack 7:31


Master's Hammer
  • František "Franta" Štorm — vocals, guitars
  • Tomáš "Necrocock" Kohout — guitars
  • Tomáš "Monster" Vendl — bass
  • Mirek Valenta — drums
  • Honza "Silenthell" Přibyl — timpani
Guest musicians
  • Vlastimil "Vlasta" Voral — keyboards
  • Milan Fibiger — bass (on tracks 6, 7, 8 and 10)
Miscellaneous staff
  • Franta Štorm — photography, cover art
  • Miloš "Dodo" Doležal — production


Ritual. sold more than 25,000 copies in the Czech Republic, according to the band.[4]

Rock Hard magazine featured Ritual. on their list "250 Black Metal Albums You Should Know".[5]

Fenriz of the band Darkthrone called it "the first Norwegian black metal album, even though they are from Czechoslovakia".[6]


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