Riva (Belgariad and Malloreon)

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Kingdom of Riva
Royal anthem(Anthem of the King of Riva)
Capital Riva
Ethnic groups Alorn
Demonym Rivan
Government Monarchy
• King of Riva
• Warder of Riva
• Division of Aloria
2000 A.C.
• Assassination of the King
4002 A.C.
• Restoration of the Monarchy
5371 A.C.

Riva is a fictional kingdom in David Eddings' The Belgariad. It is located on the Isle of the Winds and is the customary meeting place of the Alorn Council.[1]


The Isle of the Winds is a fairly rocky island, with pastures in the mountain valleys. There is only one city of any size, the capital of Riva, which is also the site of the only possible place to land a ship. There is a river coming from the mountains.


Early years[edit]

The kingdom was founded in 2000 A.C. by Riva Iron-grip at the breakup of Aloria. He constructed a city at the only beach on the Isle and married Beldaran, the daughter of Belgarath the Sorcerer. In 2018, he had a son named Daran. However, in 2038, Beldaran died, plunging Polgara, Daran, and Belgarath into mourning, and nearly incapacitating Riva.

Daran became regent, and blamed the Rivan Deacon for his mother's death. The next year, he charged the deacon and the whole Bear-cult of witchcraft and exiled them to the remote northern isles. The Bear-cult would never return to the Isle. In 2040, Daran married a woman named Larana, and in 2045, had a son, whom he named Cherek. The celebration was marred, though, by the fact that Riva died the same day.[2]

The Wardership[edit]

The events leading up to the assassination of Gorek the Wise began in 3097, with the signing of the Accords of Val Alorn, which gave merchants the ability to travel to Riva. In 4002, Salmissra sent assassins to the Isle to kill the king, and only the 6 year-old Prince Geran escaped alive. This began a war between the Alorns and the Nyissans, and it was discovered that Zedar was behind the assassination.

Prince Geran went into hiding with Polgara, and Brand, the Warder of Riva, was put in charge. The next few centuries are quite peaceful, until the year 4850, when a total eclipse of the sun announces that Torak had come out of seclusion in Ashaba and taken control of Mallorea. These events worried the Alorns, who began to mobilize their armies. In 4865, the Angaraks invaded Drasnia, beginning the Angarak Invasion of the West.[3]

The War years[edit]

The Rivans played a minor role for most of the war, seeing action only in the Drasnian campaign and the Battle of Vo Mimbre. At the battle, though, it was the Rivan Warder that killed Torak.

After the war was over, the Rivans returned to the peace they had enjoyed for the last few centuries.

Restoration of the Monarchy[edit]

Main article: The Belgariad

In 5369, the Orb of Aldur was stolen from Riva by Zedar. Belgarath immediately sets out to recover the Orb, bringing along his daughter Polgara and the heir to the throne of Riva, Garion. After the Orb was recovered in 5371, Garion assumed the throne and was renamed Belgarion. Shortly after his coronation, however, he disappeared to confront Torak, leaving his fiance, Ce'Nedra to lead the armies of the West against the Angaraks. After a battle at Thull Mardu and a duel with Torak, Garion returns home and rules Riva with Ce'Nedra.

However, after a few years, someone attempted to assassinate his pregnant queen. The attempt failed, and Prince Geran II was born in 5380. Not long after, Brand, Warder of Riva, was murdered by the Bear-cult. A force of Rivans and Chereks then attacked the cult fortress of Jarviksholm, beginning the 5th war the Rivans had taken part in. During the battle, someone kidnapped Geran. The Alorn kings blamed the cult and attacked the city of Rheon. After the attack, it was revealed that a woman named Zandramas had been behind the abduction. He immediately pursued her across the planet, eventually killing her and rescuing his son. After this, peace was restored and Belgarion continues to rule the Isle to this day.[4]


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