River Ainse (or Eyn)

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River Ainse (Eyn)
Eade's Mill - geograph.org.uk - 73817.jpg
Eade's Mill on the River Ainse(Eyn)
Country England
State Norfolk
Region East of England
District Broadland
 - location near Heydon
 - elevation 47 m (154 ft)
 - coordinates 52°47′17″N 1°05′30″E / 52.7880°N 1.0917°E / 52.7880; 1.0917
Mouth River Wensum
 - location Lenwade
 - elevation 14 m (46 ft)
 - coordinates 52°43′30″N 01°7′13.5″E / 52.72500°N 1.120417°E / 52.72500; 1.120417Coordinates: 52°43′30″N 01°7′13.5″E / 52.72500°N 1.120417°E / 52.72500; 1.120417
Length 14.2 km (9 mi)
Location of the river mouth within Norfolk

The River Ainse (or Eyn) is a small river in the county of Norfolk. It is a tributary of the River Wensum which it merges with at Lenwade.[1] The River Ainse has several tributaries also.

Eade's watermill[edit]

The watermill located on the river at Great Witchingham is known as Eade’s Mill.[2] The mill was built in 1666. Until 1948 the waterwheel was still in working order. By 1972 the watermill was still being used as a hammer mill to grind up pig meal and was powered by electricity. Today, the watermill and its surrounding buildings are listed.


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