River Alham

Coordinates: 51°05′37″N 2°34′03″W / 51.09361°N 2.56750°W / 51.09361; -2.56750
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River Alham
The ford across the river at Alhampton
CityMilton Clevedon
Physical characteristics
SourceHigher Alham
 • locationSomerset, England
 • coordinates51°10′16″N 2°27′49″W / 51.17111°N 2.46361°W / 51.17111; -2.46361
MouthRiver Brue
 • location
Alford, Somerset, England
 • coordinates
51°05′37″N 2°34′03″W / 51.09361°N 2.56750°W / 51.09361; -2.56750
Length16 km (9.9 mi)

The River Alham flows through Somerset, England.

It rises at Higher Alham above Batcombe and runs through Alhampton, Milton Clevedon and joins the River Brue to the north of Alford.

It was known as the Alauna in Roman times.[1]

The river supported several mills between the Domesday Book and the 18th century.[2] One of them, at Alhampton, has had an Archimedes' screw turbine installed to generate hydro-electric power.[3]

Boulter's Bridge, which spans the border between Ditcheat and West Bradley parishes, is of medieval origin[4] and has been designated as a scheduled monument.[5]


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