River Angas

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Angas River in a park with a footbridge
Angas River in Strathalbyn
Country Australia
State South Australia
Region Adelaide Hills
Part of River Murray catchment
Towns Macclesfield, Strathalbyn, Belvidere
Source Bugle Ranges, Mount Lofty Range
 - location Flaxley
 - elevation 232 m (761 ft)
 - coordinates 35°08′18″S 138°48′25″E / 35.138322°S 138.807007°E / -35.138322; 138.807007
Mouth Lake Alexandrina
 - location Milang
 - elevation 0 m (0 ft)
 - coordinates 35°23′54″S 138°59′58″E / 35.398220°S 138.999450°E / -35.398220; 138.999450Coordinates: 35°23′54″S 138°59′58″E / 35.398220°S 138.999450°E / -35.398220; 138.999450
Length 49 km (30 mi)
River Angas is located in South Australia
River Angas
Location of the river mouth in South Australia

The River Angas, part of the River Murray catchment, is a river that is located in the Adelaide Hills region in the Australian state of South Australia.

Course and features[edit]

The River Angas risies on the eastern side of the Mount Lofty Ranges. Its headwaters are near Macclesfield and it flows generally southward through Strathalbyn, emptying into Lake Alexandrina near the town of Milang. The river depends 232 metres (761 ft) over its 49-kilometre (30 mi) course.[1]

Towns along the river include Macclesfield, Strathalbyn and Belvidere.


The river was discovered and named on 31 December 1837, during the exploration by Robert Cock, William Finlayson, A. Wyatt and G. Barton from Adelaide to Lake Alexandrina. "We gave to this river the name of Angas, in honour of the chairman of the South Australian Company, whose interest in and exertions on behalf of the colony are well known."[3]

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