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River Anker
Alders Mill on the River Anker near Pinwall
Country England
Counties Leicestershire, Warwickshire, Staffordshire
 - left Penmire Brook, Innage Brook, River Sence, Griff Brook
 - right Wem Brook, Sketchley Brook
Towns Nuneaton, Tamworth
 - location Wolvey, Warwickshire
 - coordinates 52°28′33″N 1°20′50″W / 52.47590°N 1.34728°W / 52.47590; -1.34728
Mouth River Tame
 - location Tamworth, Staffordshire
 - coordinates 52°37′53″N 1°41′52″W / 52.6315°N 1.6977°W / 52.6315; -1.6977Coordinates: 52°37′53″N 1°41′52″W / 52.6315°N 1.6977°W / 52.6315; -1.6977
Course and catchment of the River Anker, shown on the eastern side of the Tame catchment

The River Anker is a river in England that flows through the centre of Nuneaton towards Tamworth in Staffordshire, then continues on and merges with the River Tame in Tamworth. The Anker is popular with anglers and is known to contain some large pike and chub. Also there are barbel present with fish over 15 lb being reported. At Alvecote, the river passes through Alvecote Pools and meadows, a 128 ha (320 acres) Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) and nature reserve.[1]

The River Anker has flooded Nuneaton several times in the past until a flood relief channel was built in Weddington to ensure that the river would not flood Nuneaton Town Centre.

In 2007 the river flooded Liberty Way, forcing Nuneaton Town and Nuneaton RFC to cancel matches while the river water was cleared up.

The river's name is used for Anker Radio, a radio station in Nuneaton which broadcasts within George Eliot Hospital in the town.

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