River Avon, Falkirk

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For other rivers called Avon, see River Avon.
Avon Aqueduct - geograph.org.uk - 1691980.jpg
Aqueduct over the River Avon
Countries Scotland, United Kingdom
Region Falkirk
 - location Fannyside Lochs, North Lanarkshire
 - location Grangemouth, Falkirk
Length 31 km (19 mi)

The Avon is a river largely in the Falkirk council area of Scotland. It originates from the Fannyside Lochs in North Lanarkshire, some 3 miles (5 km) east of Cumbernauld.[1] It flows through Avonbridge, through the Avon Gorge, through Muiravonside Country Park, past the west of Linlithgow and enters the Firth of Forth near Grangemouth. From just east of Avonbridge to just north of Linlithgow it forms the boundary between Falkirk and West Lothian council areas. It is 19 miles (31 km) in length.[1]

The Avon Aqueduct—Scotland's longest navigable aqueduct—carries the Union Canal above the river.[2]

Like other rivers of this name throughout Britain, the name Avon simply means 'river', derived from Scottish Gaelic abhainn, or British (i.e. Old Welsh) afon.

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