River Bourne, Wiltshire

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River Bourne, Wiltshire
The River at Winterbourne Gunner
Country United Kingdom
Region Wiltshire
 - coordinates 51°21′09″N 1°40′17″W / 51.35250°N 1.67139°W / 51.35250; -1.67139
 - location Salisbury
 - coordinates 51°03′44″N 1°47′22″W / 51.06222°N 1.78944°W / 51.06222; -1.78944Coordinates: 51°03′44″N 1°47′22″W / 51.06222°N 1.78944°W / 51.06222; -1.78944

The River Bourne is a river in the English county of Wiltshire, and a tributary of the River Avon.

The Bourne's source is at the eastern end of the Vale of Pewsey, just south of the village of Burbage. The river cuts through the chalk escarpment at Collingbourne Kingston, to flow south across Salisbury Plain through the villages of Collingbourne Ducis, Tidworth, and Shipton Bellinger.

The river runs through the centre of the settlements of Winterbourne Dauntsey, Winterbourne Earls and Winterbourne Gunner.[1]

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