River Bray

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River Bray near Meethe

The River Bray is a small river in North Devon, England. It is a tributary of the River Mole, which in turn is a tributary of the River Taw.[1] It rises in Exmoor, near the border with Somerset.


Generally, the River is quite shallow,[2] but it can be prone to flooding. In the Lynmouth Flood, the River Bray was affected by the unseasonably high rainfall, and burst its banks, killing a group of schoolboy campers at Filleigh.


Several villages, such as Brayford,[2] have had their name given from the River Bray.


Coordinates: 50°59′25″N 3°53′19″W / 50.99035°N 3.88850°W / 50.99035; -3.88850