River Cam, Gloucestershire

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River Cam
The river Cam in Gloucestershire - geograph.org.uk - 146519.jpg
The River Cam near Cambridge
River Cam, Gloucestershire is located in Gloucestershire
River Cam, Gloucestershire
Location within Gloucestershire
Physical characteristics
 • location
Gloucester and Sharpness Canal
 • coordinates
51°44′38″N 2°22′48″W / 51.7438°N 2.38°W / 51.7438; -2.38Coordinates: 51°44′38″N 2°22′48″W / 51.7438°N 2.38°W / 51.7438; -2.38
 • locationCambridge
Basin features
 • rightWickster's Brook

The River Cam is a small river in Gloucestershire, England. It flows for 12 miles (20 km) eastwards into the Gloucester and Sharpness Canal.[1]

The river rises on the Cotswold escarpment above the village of Uley, and flows through Dursley, Cam and Cambridge to the Gloucester and Sharpness Canal as a feeder to that waterway. Upstream from the town of Dursley the river is known as the River Ewelme.

Before the canal was opened in 1827, the Cam flowed into the River Severn at Frampton Pill, Frampton on Severn.[2]

A new fish and eel pass and an additional second channel were dug by the Environment Agency just east of Cambridge in 2014. This drew criticism from local people as no money had been spent on flood defences.[3]


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