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Chiers Charency-Vezin.jpg
The Chiers at Charency-Vezin
Main source Near Differdange, Luxembourg
Source elevation ±350 m (1,150 ft)
River mouth Meuse
49°39′30″N 4°59′40″E / 49.65833°N 4.99444°E / 49.65833; 4.99444 (Meuse-Chiers)Coordinates: 49°39′30″N 4°59′40″E / 49.65833°N 4.99444°E / 49.65833; 4.99444 (Meuse-Chiers)
Size 2,222 km2 (858 sq mi)
Country France, Belgium, Luxembourg
Length ±130 km (81 mi)
  • Average rate:

The Chiers (Luxembourgish: Kuer, German: Korn) is a river in Luxembourg, Belgium and France. It is a right tributary to the river Meuse. Its total length is about 130 kilometres (81 mi).

The source of the Chiers is near Differdange, in Luxembourg. The Chiers flows roughly in western direction, and crosses the border with Belgium and flows through Athus (province of Luxembourg).

Succeedingly it crosses the border with France, flows through Longwy and Longuyon (Meurthe-et-Moselle département) and forms the border with Belgium for a few km near Torgny (municipality of Rouvroy). It continues through France, along Montmédy (Meuse département) and Carignan (Ardennes département).

The Chiers flows into the river Meuse in Bazeilles, near Sedan.

Its main tributaries are the Loison and the Othain, along with smaller tributaries like the Aulnois.