River Ching

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River Ching
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Physical characteristics
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River Lea

The River Ching is a tributary of the River Lea. It originates in Epping Forest and flows south and then west for 6 miles (9.5 km), joining the Lea by the Banbury Reservoir in South Chingford.[1][2] It is dammed twice, the first time to form Connaught Water, in the parishes of Loughton and Waltham Abbey, and again at Highams Park.[3] The river runs through Chingford, but the name of the river is a back-formation from the name of that area, rather than the town being named after the river.[4]

In 2009, Thames Water announced a study aimed at reducing pollution of the river in its lower reaches caused by domestic waste water from sinks, showers, dishwashers, and washing machines.[5]


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Coordinates: 51°36′30″N 0°02′05″W / 51.6084°N 0.0346°W / 51.6084; -0.0346