River Dane

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River Dane
Three Shire.jpg
The Dane at Three Shire Heads
Country England
Counties Staffordshire, Cheshire, Derbyshire
 - left River Croco, River Wheelock
 - location Axe Edge Moor
 - location Confluence with River Weaver

The River Dane is a tributary of the River Weaver in the Peak District area of England. It forms the border between first Cheshire and Derbyshire on the west and east, and then between Cheshire and Staffordshire before meeting the Weaver near Northwich.

The river rises close to the source of the River Goyt just to the south west of Buxton, on Axe Edge Moor. Flowing southwest, it forms county borders for around 10 miles (16 km) before flowing west through Congleton and past Holmes Chapel.

The point on the river where the three counties meet, at Panniers' Pool Bridge, is called the Three Shire Heads (often wrongly Three Shires Head).[1] Three Shire Heads is the most northern point in Staffordshire.

Passing just to the north of Middlewich, it merges first with the River Croco near the site of the old Roman fort in Harbutt's Field, and then with the River Wheelock near the aqueduct carrying the Trent and Mersey Canal, and runs the remaining 5 mi (8 km) north to Northwich where it flows into the River Weaver.

The name of the river (earlier Daven) is probably from the Old Welsh dafn, meaning a "drop or tickle", implying a slow-moving river.[2]


  • Gad Brook (R)
  • Eldersbriar Brook (L)
  • Puddlinglake Brook (R)
  • River Wheelock (L)
    • Hoggins Brook (L)
    • Fowle Brook (L)
  • River Croco (L)
    • Sanderson's Brook (L)
      • Small Brook (L)
  • Swettenham Brook
    • Midge Brook (Ls)
      • Chapel Brook (R)
        • Dighill Brook (R)
    • Clonter Brook (Rs)
  • Loach Brook
    • Dairy Brook (L)
  • The Howty (L)
  • Dane in Shaw Brook (L)
    • Biddulph Brook
    • Timbers Brook (R)
  • Cow Brook (R)
  • Ravensclough Brook (L)
  • Shell Brook (R)
  • Clough Brook (R)
    • Highmoor Brook (R)
      • Rabb Brook (R)
      • Oaken Brook (R)
    • Cumberland Brook (L)
    • Yarnshaw Brook (L)
      • Correction Brook (L)
    • Tor Brook (R)
  • Black Brook
  • Flash Brook (L)
    • Far Brook (R)
  • Robins Brook (R)
  • Three Shires Brook (L)

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Coordinates: 53°15′N 2°31′W / 53.250°N 2.517°W / 53.250; -2.517