River Dorn

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The River Dorn in Steeple Barton parish, about 1.2 miles (2 km) south of the village

The River Dorn is a river in Oxfordshire, England, that is a tributary of the River Glyme. The river rises from the limestone uplands of north Oxfordshire, about 1.5 miles (2.4 km) east of Chipping Norton (51°57′31″N 1°28′56″W / 51.9587°N 1.4823°W / 51.9587; -1.4823 (River Dorn (source))), and flows southeast past Little Tew; through Sandford St. Martin, where it forms part of Sandford Park's gardens; and through the Bartons: Westcott Barton, Middle Barton, where Cockley Brook joins it, and Steeple Barton — before it joins the River Glyme just east of Wootton (51°52′16″N 1°21′19″W / 51.8710°N 1.3554°W / 51.8710; -1.3554 (River Dorn (mouth))).