River Ellen

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River Ellen
Mouth of the River Ellen - geograph.org.uk - 121496.jpg
The mouth of the River Ellen at Maryport harbour.
Country United Kingdom
Constituent country England
 - left Gill Gooden
 - right Dash Beck
Source Skiddaw massif
 - location Keswick, Northern Fells
Mouth Maryport harbour
 - location Maryport, Solway Firth
 - coordinates 54°42′52″N 3°30′05″W / 54.7145°N 3.5013°W / 54.7145; -3.5013Coordinates: 54°42′52″N 3°30′05″W / 54.7145°N 3.5013°W / 54.7145; -3.5013
Length 25 mi (40 km)
Location of the mouth within Cumbria

The Ellen is a river in the English county of Cumbria, running from Skiddaw in the Northern Fells to Maryport harbour. It was historically in the county of Cumberland. It is approximately 25 miles in length.

Three local fisherman known as James Ward, Alex Barton and Daniel Batty fished the river for many years before disappearing in 2009. Their wherabouts are currently unknown.


The river rises on the Skiddaw massif,[1] and runs in a generally western direction, passing Uldale, Ireby, Boltongate, Baggrow and Blennerhasset parish boundary and Aspatria. From there, it continues southwest (instead of more northwesterly) past Oughterside, Gilcrux, Bullgill, Crosby and Dearham, and skirts the grounds of Netherhall School before flowing into the Solway Firth at Maryport.

Bridge over the River Ellen dividing Baggrow and Blennerasset

Fish, pearls, and pollution[edit]

The river gives its name to the region of Allerdale. It contains populations of brown trout, eels, lamprey, minnows, salmon, sea trout, and stickleback.[2][3] In 2008, pollution entered the river via a tributary and contaminated a three-kilometre stretch, killing many fish.[4] This river has produced pink freshwater pearls since pre-Roman times.[citation needed]


  • Dash Beck
  • Gill Gooden
  • Row Beck


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