River Glass, Isle of Man

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River Glass
Country Isle of Man
 - left Injebreck River, Colder River
 - right Baldwin River, Sulby River
City Douglas
Source Injebreck Hill
 - elevation 270 m (886 ft)
 - coordinates 54°14′20″N 4°30′54″W / 54.239°N 4.515°W / 54.239; -4.515
Mouth Confluence with River Dhoo
 - coordinates 54°09′04″N 4°30′07″W / 54.151°N 4.502°W / 54.151; -4.502Coordinates: 54°09′04″N 4°30′07″W / 54.151°N 4.502°W / 54.151; -4.502
Length 11.5 km (7 mi)
River Glass at Tromode

The River Glass is a river on the Isle of Man. The river begins in the area of Injebreck about 10 km north of Douglas, the Island's capital. Flowing down through the West Baldwin Valley, the river joins the River Dhoo to form the River Douglas on the outskirts of Douglas before flowing out to sea. The river has a length of appr. 8.5 km.

The name Glass originates from the word for green in Manx.

The western edge of the parish of Onchan is formed by the path of the Glass.