River Greta (Lune)

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For other rivers with the same name, see River Greta (disambiguation).
River Greta
Bridge over the River Greta - geograph.org.uk - 48712.jpg
Bridge over the River Greta in Burton-in-Lonsdale
Country United Kingdom
Part England
County Lancashire
 - location Ingleton
54°09′19″N 2°28′00″W / 54.1552°N 2.4668°W / 54.1552; -2.4668
Mouth Thurland Castle
54°08′56″N 2°36′47″W / 54.149°N 2.613°W / 54.149; -2.613

The River Greta is a river flowing through Lancashire and North Yorkshire in the north of England.

The river is formed by the confluence of the River Twiss and the River Doe at Ingleton.

From Ingleton, the Greta travels westwards through Burton-in-Lonsdale and, over the border in Lancashire, Cantsfield and Wrayton, passing Thurland Castle, where the Greta flows into the River Lune.