River Hipper

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River Hipper
Hipper Sick 276659 a8bd0d07.jpg
At this point the Hipper comes off Beeley Moor and flows towards Holymoorside, becoming the river Hipper on the way
Country England
Basin features
Main source Beeley Moor
River mouth River Rother

The River Hipper is a tributary of the River Rother in Derbyshire, England. Its source is a large expanse of wetlands, fed by the surrounding moors between Chatsworth and Chesterfield, known as the Hipper Sick on Beeley Moor, which is part of the Chatsworth Estate. It then passes through Holymoorside and down into Chesterfield, just south of the town centre, before flowing into the River Rother. In July 2007 parts of Chesterfield flooded when the River Hipper overtopped its banks during a substantial storm that caused extensive flooding in North Derbyshire and South Yorkshire.

Coordinates: 53°14′N 1°26′W / 53.233°N 1.433°W / 53.233; -1.433