River Hyndburn

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River Hyndburn at Church Bridge.

The River Hyndburn is a river in Lancashire, England. It passes through the towns of Haslingden, Baxenden, Accrington, Clayton-le-Moors, Great Harwood, before meeting Hyndburn Brook, before ultimately joining the River Calder. The Hyndburn borough of Lancashire is named after the river.

Meaning of the river name[edit]

The name is from Old English burna "stream" (not Old Norse brunnr 'spring', as with some place names over the boundary in North Yorkshire). The first element of the name is uncertain; it may be Old English hyldre "an elder-tree", or hynd "hind", or the Old Norse/Old English personal name Helþor/Helthor.

The name was recorded as Hinbrun in 984 AD.[citation needed] two streams which go on to become the River Hyndburn lie within the old township of Henheads. The township is thought to be thus named, because the Hyndburn was more often called the Henburn in the past.


  • Church Brook
    • Accrington Brook
      • Woodnook Water
        • Warmden Brook
        • Tom Dale Clough
        • Cocker Lumb


The River Hyndburn is an haven for trout and eels, and other species such as roach and perch are commonly spotted.

Coordinates: 53°44′10″N 2°19′26″W / 53.736°N 2.324°W / 53.736; -2.324