River Jordan, Northamptonshire

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Country England
Counties Northamptonshire, Leicestershire
 - location Braybrooke
 - coordinates 52°26′46″N 0°52′51″W / 52.44611°N 0.88083°W / 52.44611; -0.88083
Mouth River Welland
 - location Market Harborough
 - coordinates 52°28′42″N 0°54′35″W / 52.47833°N 0.90972°W / 52.47833; -0.90972Coordinates: 52°28′42″N 0°54′35″W / 52.47833°N 0.90972°W / 52.47833; -0.90972

The River Jordan, Northamptonshire is a short river in England of three to four miles in length. It rises to the south of Braybrooke village in the county of Northamptonshire before flowing through Braybrooke and into Leicestershire at Little Bowden within Market Harborough before joining the River Welland at Rockingham Road, Market Harborough, close to the rail station and bridge.

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