River Ock, Surrey

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Millpond near Great Enton - geograph.org.uk - 1571498.jpg
Millpond on the Ock near Great Enton
Country England
County Surrey
District Waverley
 - location Hambledon, Surrey
Mouth River Wey
 - location Godalming

The River Ock or simply Ock is a tributary of the River Wey in Surrey, England.

A Spring view of Sweetwater Pond Witley


The stream rises near Hambledon and then flows north between Enton, Witley followed by Witley itself, then past Wheelerstreet and Milford on either bank. It is then joined by the Busbridge tributary which drains Busbridge Lakes, passes through Ockford part of Godalming named for the stream, before flowing into the Wey at Godalming. In Godalming, the Westbrook Mill makes use of the force and speed of the hill-draining brook.

For much of its length, the Portsmouth Main Line follows the watercourse.

Coordinates: 51°11′N 0°37′W / 51.183°N 0.617°W / 51.183; -0.617