River Og

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River Og near Ogbourne St Andrew.jpg
River Og, near Ogbourne St Andrew.
Country United Kingdom
Region Wiltshire
 - location Draycot Foliat, Swindon, United Kingdom
 - coordinates 51°29′53″N 1°44′25″W / 51.49806°N 1.74028°W / 51.49806; -1.74028
 - location Marlborough, Wiltshire, United Kingdom
 - coordinates 51°25′13″N 1°43′43″W / 51.42028°N 1.72861°W / 51.42028; -1.72861Coordinates: 51°25′13″N 1°43′43″W / 51.42028°N 1.72861°W / 51.42028; -1.72861

The River Og is a short river in Wiltshire, England.

It rises near the hamlet of Draycot Foliat, and flows south through Ogbourne St George, Ogbourne St Andrew and Ogbourne Maizey to Marlborough, where it joins the River Kennet.

The river flows through a gap in the Marlborough Downs which creates a natural transport route, now followed by the A346 and once used by the Midland and South Western Junction Railway.

The name is a back-formation from Ogbourne (which itself means Occa's stream).[1]


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