River Run Riot

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River Run Riot
DateApril 27, 2002
Hells Angels Mongols
Commanders and leaders
Ruben "Doc" Cavazos
Casualties and losses
2 killed
Many injured
7 imprisoned
1 killed
Many injured
6 imprisoned

The River Run Riot was a violent confrontation between the Hells Angels and the Mongols motorcycle clubs that occurred on April 27, 2002, in Laughlin, Nevada during the Laughlin River Run. The conflict began when members of the Hells Angels went to Harrah's Laughlin to confront members of the Mongols who had allegedly harassed vendors that sold Hells Angels related merchandise. Mongol Anthony Barrera, 43, was stabbed to death, and two Hells Angels, Jeramie Bell, 27, and Robert Tumelty, 50, were shot to death.[1]

This was the first time that there were multiple murders in a Nevada casino.[2]

Six Hells Angels and six Mongols were imprisoned as a result of the event, and 36 other people had their charges dismissed.[3] Frederick Donahue, one of the Hells Angels indicted after the incident, evaded capture for six years before surrendering in July 2008.[3]


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