Sarthe (river)

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River Sarthe between Morannes and Chemiré-sur-Sarthe.jpg
The Sarthe between Morannes and Chemiré-sur-Sarthe
Native name La Sarthe
Country France
Basin features
Main source Perche
250 m (820 ft)
River mouth Maine
47°29′35″N 0°32′34″W / 47.49306°N 0.54278°W / 47.49306; -0.54278 (Maine-Sarthe)Coordinates: 47°29′35″N 0°32′34″W / 47.49306°N 0.54278°W / 47.49306; -0.54278 (Maine-Sarthe)
Progression MaineLoireAtlantic Ocean
Basin size 7,864 km2 (3,036 sq mi)*
Physical characteristics
Length 313 km (194 mi)
  • Average rate:
    80 m3/s (2,800 cu ft/s)*
Notes *excluding Loir

The Sarthe is a river in western France. Together with the river Mayenne it forms the river Maine, which is a tributary to the river Loire.

Its source is in the Orne département, near Moulins-la-Marche. It flows generally southwest, through the following départements and towns:

A few kilometres after its confluence with the river Loir, it joins the Mayenne, north of the city Angers. Its two main tributaries are the Èvre and the Huisne.

The Sarthe at Le Mans