River Sence, Wigston

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River Sence
River Sence - geograph.org.uk - 147946.jpg
The river, just north of Great Glen.
Country England
Basin features
River mouth River Soar

The River Sence is a Leicestershire (England) tributary of the larger River Soar. The River Sence can be traced eastwards up to the village of Billesdon, and then flows south west through Great Glen, Leicestershire, and then west (south of Wigston and South Wigston) until the confluence with the River Soar just to the west of Blaby. Tracing the River Sence upstream, the Environment Agency does monitor the river between Blaby and Great Glen, but there has been no significant flooding in recent years, and the land along the River Sence is largely agricultural. In 1881 Sebastian Evans wrote that the usual names for this river were Billesdon Brook and Burton Brook.[1]


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Coordinates: 52°34′54″N 1°11′14″W / 52.5818°N 1.1871°W / 52.5818; -1.1871