River South Esk

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Note: the southern headwater of the River Esk in Lothian is also known as the South Esk.
South Esk
River South Esk at Aucharn - geograph.org.uk - 313617.jpg
River Esk at Glen Doll
Country Scotland
 - left Burn of Fafernie, Burn of Gowal, Style Burn, Ketchie Burn, Burn of Gourrock, Moulzie Burn, Capel Burn, Cald Burn, Rottal Burn, Burn of Kinrive, Noran Water
 - right Burn of Altcluthie, Burn of Loupshiel, Burn of Leck, Whitewater, Burn of Gourach, Burn of Farthal, Prosen Water
Source Loch Esk
 - location Glen Doll, Angus
 - elevation 730 m (2,395 ft)
 - coordinates 56°53′55.4814″N 3°15′15.2526″W / 56.898744833°N 3.254236833°W / 56.898744833; -3.254236833
Mouth Montrose Basin, North Sea
 - location Montrose, Angus, UK
 - elevation 0 m (0 ft)
 - coordinates 56°42′10.9074″N 2°26′27.3192″W / 56.703029833°N 2.440922000°W / 56.703029833; -2.440922000Coordinates: 56°42′10.9074″N 2°26′27.3192″W / 56.703029833°N 2.440922000°W / 56.703029833; -2.440922000
River South Esk
Burn of Fafernie
Loch Esk
Burn of Gowal
Burn of Altcluthie, Style Burn
Burn of Loupshiel
Ketchie Burn
Burn of Gourrock
Burn of Leck
Moulzie Burn
Capel Burn
Cald Burn
Burn of Gourach
Burn of Farthal
Rottal Burn
Burn of Kinrive
Prosen Water
Shielhill bridge
Justinhaugh bridge
A90 road, Finavon Bridge
Noran Water
Netherton ford
Blalkie Mill
Stannochy Bridge
Brechin Bridge
Bridge of Dun
Steinshell Burn
Montrose Basin
Edinburgh to Aberdeen Line
A92 road

The South Esk (Scottish Gaelic: Easg Dheas) is a river in Angus, Scotland. It rises in the Grampian Mountains at Loch Esk in Glen Doll and flows through Glen Clova to Strathmore at Cortachy, 5 km north of Kirriemuir. Its course takes it past Brechin and enters the North Sea at Montrose.[1]

The river gives its name to the title of Earl of Southesk, held by the Carnegie family.[2]


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