River Tawd

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The River Tawd in Lathom.

The River Tawd flows through Skelmersdale and Lathom in West Lancashire.

The Tawd Bridge carried Ormskirk Road, the main arterial road from Wigan to Ormskirk and Southport. This is well-known to Upholland locals as the place where highwayman George Lyons held up his victims during the 18th century. Today, the river flows through the middle of Skelmersdale in large culverts. It emerges near the town's shopping centre, The Concourse, and flows into a Country park and a Scout association campsite, on the site of the 19th and early 20th century colliery. Parts of the river are a County Biological Heritage Site.

It is a tributary of the River Douglas which it joins in Lathom.


  • Slate Brook
  • Grimshaw Brook

Coordinates: 53°36′23″N 2°47′34″W / 53.6065°N 2.7927°W / 53.6065; -2.7927