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Terrig (Afon Terrig)
Afon Terrig - geograph.org.uk - 691389.jpg
The Terrig near Leeswood Old Hall.
Name origin: From Welsh terydd, "swift", or terig, "violent, harsh"
Country Wales
Counties Denbighshire, Flintshire
 - location Llyn Cyfynwy, near Graianrhyd, Denbighshire
 - elevation 370 m (1,214 ft)
 - coordinates 53°4′58.28″N 3°10′13.49″W / 53.0828556°N 3.1704139°W / 53.0828556; -3.1704139
 - location confluence with River Alyn, Flintshire
 - elevation 95 m (312 ft)
 - coordinates 53°8′56.929″N 3°6′1.595″W / 53.14914694°N 3.10044306°W / 53.14914694; -3.10044306Coordinates: 53°8′56.929″N 3°6′1.595″W / 53.14914694°N 3.10044306°W / 53.14914694; -3.10044306

The River Terrig (Welsh: Afon Terrig) is a small river in north-east Wales.

The river rises at Llyn Cyfynwy near Graianrhyd village in the community of Llanarmon-yn-Ial, Denbighshire, about three miles from the source of the River Alyn.[1] It then flows northwards and eastwards, forming the boundary between the old parishes of Nercwys and Treuddyn. At Nant-y-Mynydd it is joined by several small springs from Mynydd Ddu, and finally itself joins the River Alyn at Pontblyddyn, Flintshire.[1]

The Terrig is a habitat for brown trout. Its name is derived from its rapid flow after times of heavy rain; Thomas Pennant, in his Tours in Wales, described it as "the Terrig, or the violent, [...] often of a tremendous swell and fury".[2]


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