River Tiddy

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River Tiddy
River Tiddy (25902178096).jpg
A sketchmap of the River Tamar south of Launceston showing tributaries including the River Tiddy
Native nameTeudhi (Cornish)
Physical characteristics
 • locationPensilva
 • coordinates50°30′04″N 4°25′24″W / 50.50111°N 4.42333°W / 50.50111; -4.42333
 • elevation240 m (790 ft)
 • location
River Lynher
 • coordinates
50°23′17″N 4°17′38″W / 50.38806°N 4.29389°W / 50.38806; -4.29389Coordinates: 50°23′17″N 4°17′38″W / 50.38806°N 4.29389°W / 50.38806; -4.29389
Basin features
 • leftPolbathic Lake
 • rightHay Lake
River Tiddy
Bodmin Moor
 A38  Tideford
Limit of navigation
Port Elliot
Cornish Main Line
Polbathic Lake
Sconner Lake
River Lynher

The River Tiddy (Cornish: Teudhi)[1] is a small river in south-east Cornwall, the main tributary of the River Lynher. The Tiddy rises near Pensilva and flows south east past the village of Tideford until it joins the Lynher just after passing St Germans. The name of Tideford derives from its location on the river, literally meaning "Ford on the River Tiddy".

St Germans is a historic fishing village situated on the Tiddy just upstream of its confluence with the Lynher. The Quay Sailing Club are based at St Germans Quay. The Tiddy and Lynher rivers are alternatively called St Germans River downstream of St Germans.


Tidal River Tiddy, north of St Germans