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River Tud.JPG
The river viewed from Marriott's Way, Hellesdon. The Anglian Water fish farm is on the far bank
Country England
Region Norfolk
Part of River Wensum
 - location north of Shipdham
 - elevation 76 m (249 ft)
 - coordinates 52°38′35″N 0°54′35″E / 52.6430°N 0.9097°E / 52.6430; 0.9097
Mouth River Wensum
 - location Hellesdon
 - elevation 4 m (13 ft)
 - coordinates 52°38′47″N 1°14′55″E / 52.6464°N 1.2486°E / 52.6464; 1.2486Coordinates: 52°38′47″N 1°14′55″E / 52.6464°N 1.2486°E / 52.6464; 1.2486
Length 27.0 km (17 mi)
Location of the river mouth within Norfolk

River Tud is a tributary of the River Wensum, Norfolk in the East of England. The Tud's source is just south of East Dereham and it flows in an easterly direction for 27 kilometres (17 mi) to its confluence with the Wensum below Hellesdon mill.


The Tud in the background merges with the Wensum below Hellesdon Mill

The Tud passes through the villages of North Tuddenham, Hockering, Easton, Costessey and finally flows under the Marriott's Way before joining the Wensum at Hellesdon Mill.


The Tud's water is crystal clear, shallow, fast-flowing and has lush weed beds full of aquatic life including crayfish, lampreys, bullheads, freshwater shrimps and stone loach.


The river is well known for the quality dace fishing. Trout can also be caught particularly in the upper reaches. Angling is mostly private. Unfortunately the river has suffered from the odd case of pollution.

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