Washford River

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Washford River
Washford River, Watchet.jpg
The Washford River
Country England
County Somerset
City Washford
 - location Luxborough, Somerset, England
 - elevation 600 ft (183 m)
 - coordinates 51°07′39″N 3°28′50″W / 51.12750°N 3.48056°W / 51.12750; -3.48056
Mouth Bristol Channel
 - location Watchet, Somerset, England
 - coordinates 51°11′00″N 3°20′09″W / 51.18333°N 3.33583°W / 51.18333; -3.33583Coordinates: 51°11′00″N 3°20′09″W / 51.18333°N 3.33583°W / 51.18333; -3.33583

The Washford River rises at 600 feet (183 m) near Luxborough in the Brendon Hills and flows through Somerset to the Bristol Channel at Watchet.

The river valley passes through the Cleeve Hill Site of Special Scientific Interest,[1] and close to Cleeve Abbey.[2]


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