River Worfe

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The River Worfe is a river in Shropshire, England.

It rises at Crackleybank on Watling Street, just north of Shifnal. It then forms the boundary of that parish with Tong, Donington, and Albrighton. It then passes through Ryton (where it is joined by Wesley Brook), and Beckbury. There it is joined by Mad Brook, which presumably takes its name from rising near the river Severn, but flowing away from it. Soon after, it forms the boundary between Stockton and Badger, before flowing through Worfield to join the river Severn.

The river has two effluents to the river Severn, of which the southern emerging at Fort Pendlestone was formerly the mill leat serving Pendlestone Mill, the ancient corn mill of the town of Bridgnorth and long belonging to Bridgnorth Corporation.

Coordinates: 52°33′20″N 2°21′22″W / 52.5555°N 2.3561°W / 52.5555; -2.3561