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The mouth of the River Ythan, draining into the North Sea near Newburgh

The Ythan /ˈθən/ is a river in the north-east of Scotland rising at Wells of Ythan near the village of Ythanwells and flowing south-eastwards through the towns of Fyvie, Methlick and Ellon before flowing into the North Sea near Newburgh, in Formartine. The name is believed to have originated from an old Pictish word of Brythonic origin meaning gorse.

The lower reach of the river is known as the Ythan Estuary, a Special Protection Area for conservation, particularly the breeding ground of three tern species (common tern, little tern and Sandwich tern) (Lumina, 2004).

The River Ythan has a length of 60 km and a catchment area of 680 km2. As figures of the discharge, 6 m3/s [1] or 7,2 m3/s[2] are given.

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Coordinates: 57°18′N 2°00′W / 57.300°N 2.000°W / 57.300; -2.000