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The mouth of the River Ythan, draining into the North Sea near Newburgh

The Ythan /ˈθən/ is a river in the north-east of Scotland rising at Wells of Ythan near the village of Ythanwells and flowing south-eastwards through the towns of Fyvie, Methlick and Ellon before flowing into the North Sea near Newburgh, in Formartine. The name is believed to have originated from a Pictish word of Brythonic origin meaning gorse.

The lower reach of the river is known as the Ythan Estuary, a Special Protection Area for conservation, particularly the breeding ground of three tern species (common tern, little tern and Sandwich tern) (Lumina, 2004).

The River Ythan has a length of 60 km and a catchment area of 680 km2. As figures of the discharge, 6 m3/s [1] or 7,2 m3/s[2] are given.

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Coordinates: 57°18′N 2°00′W / 57.300°N 2.000°W / 57.300; -2.000