Riverdale Collegiate Institute

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Riverdale Collegiate Institute
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1094 Gerrard Street East

, ,
Coordinates43°40′12″N 79°20′05″W / 43.669921°N 79.334856°W / 43.669921; -79.334856Coordinates: 43°40′12″N 79°20′05″W / 43.669921°N 79.334856°W / 43.669921; -79.334856
School typePublic High school
MottoStudia Adolescentiam Alunt
(Education Nourishes Youth)
FoundedMay 12, 1907; 115 years ago (May 12, 1907)
School boardToronto District School Board
(Toronto Board of Education)
SuperintendentBelinda Longe[1]
Area trusteeJennifer Story[1]
School number5555 / 939080[2]
PrincipalJohn Au[1]
Enrollment1520[3] (2021)
SongRiverdale School Song (Tune: Anchors Aweigh)
Team nameRiverdale Raiders (In the process of being changed)
NewspaperThe Riverdale Spectator[4]
YearbookThe Reveille[5]

Riverdale Collegiate Institute (Riverdale CI, RCI, or Riverdale) is a semestered high school located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada owned and operated by the Toronto Board of Education until its amalgamation in 1998 into the Toronto District School Board.[6]

History and overview[edit]

Riverdale Collegiate was founded in 1907.[7][8] Then known as Riverdale Technical School, the facility was designed by the architect for the Board of Education, C.E.C. Dyson.[9] In the nineteen-nineties it was extensively renovated but the original facade was maintained.[10]

On May 17, 2006, the first annual United Games were hosted at Riverdale. This was a day-long event also including students from Eastern Commerce, Monarch Park and DCTI. Former NBA star Jerome Williams acted as principal for the day.[11] His activities included a presentation speaking out against violence,[12] barbecuing lunch with students, and overseeing games designed to build relationships between the schools by forming teams with students from all four schools, rather than having a team for each school.[13]

Riverdale provides numerous sports teams and clubs throughout the year. Some big sports include field hockey, swim team, cross country, track and field, volleyball, basketball, soccer, ice hockey, and badminton.[14] There are also many clubs including The Riverdale Athletic Association (RAA),[14] Riverdale Raiders Robotics (R3P2),[15] Riverdale Environmental Action League (R.E.A.L),[1] Free the Children,[14] Students Against Sexual Stereotype Discrimination (SASSD),[1] and the Chinese Culture Club.[14]

Riverdale Collegiate celebrated its centennial on May 12, 2007.[16][17]

On February 10, 2015, it was reported that the TDSB was launching a review of schools for possible closure.[18] Riverdale Collegiate Institute was incorrectly listed out of a possible seventy schools which the TDSB considers under-used and under review. Riverdale Collegiate Institute was over capacity at 103%[19] at the time of the erroneous news reporting and was included as part of the Pupil Accommodation Review mandated by the Ministry of Education to ensure that "school boards make more efficient use of school space while continuing to ensure that communities have the opportunity to provide meaningful input."[20]

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