Riverdale High School (Quebec)

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Riverdale High School
5060 Sources Blvd.
Pierrefonds, Quebec, H8Y 3E4
School type high school
Founded 1964
School board Lester B. Pearson School Board (formerly in the now defunct Protestant School Board of Greater Montreal)
Principal Mat Canavan
Grades Secondary I-V
Enrollment 675 (2012)
Language English
Colour(s) Green and Black         
Mascot Spartan
Team name Spartans

Riverdale High School (RHS) is an English language secondary school located in the Pierrefonds-Roxboro borough of Montreal, Quebec, Canada. It was founded in 1964 and is still in use. The school is part of the Lester B. Pearson School Board, where it is designated a "community school". It was previously a part of the Protestant School Board of Greater Montreal.[1]

Riverdale has many athletic teams, including basketball, rugby, soccer, volleyball, track and field, and swim teams. The school also has a wide variety of community-based clubs and organizations.

In 1971, the Riverdale Band won the International Band competition held in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan.[2]

The school RHS logo visible to the right and the school slogan "Reach Higher and Succeed" (RHS) were adopted during the 1988/1989 school year when they were chosen in a school-wide contest. Both were submitted by students at the time. The school's official colours used to be Blue (a dark navy blue) and Grey, with the school paper having the matching name "Blue & Grey", but they were changed to match the uniforms which were adopted in 1993, whose colours were also selected by the student body.[3] Before this the school had no uniform, only a dress code which included "No jeans" and "No clothes with holes".

Due to a dwindling student populace, Riverdale apportioned out half of its first floor to a French-language elementary school in 1988 to share costs, leaving the other two floors to the high school, along with the other half of the first floor, which included the cafeteria, shop classes, and music department. Later in 2007, the school got back the full 1st floor. In 2011 the main hallway that was used for the junior grades was closed off for adult ed due to a low student population however, the cafeteria is still very much part of the school and so is the drama department, music department and shop classes which are situated on the first floor. In 2017, the 2nd-floor hallway which had previously run a full rectangular loop was closed off roughly 1/4th of the way through in order to make more space to be used for adult ed.

Notable alumni[edit]


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