Riverside (Barrie-James O'Neill song)

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Song by Barrie-James O'Neill and Lana Del Rey
Released22 September 2015
  • O'Neill
  • Del Rey

"Riverside" is a song by Scottish singer songwriter Barrie-James O'Neill and American recording artist Lana Del Rey.[1][2] The lyrics and musical composition are attributed to O'Neill and Del Rey. O'Neill revealed there was a demo version was without Del Rey, which she later wrote her verse for the song.

O'Neill revealed a snippet of the song on 17 December 2014. The full length was leaked on 22 September 2015.


O'Neill stated that he had been working on his debut studio album as "NiGHTMARE BOY". In April 2013, O'Neill and his girlfriend self-produced a video; covering "Summer Wine" by Lee Hazlewood.

In December 2013, O'Neill revealed a snippit of the song Riverside on Instagram.[3] Commenting on the song by O'Neill - "We both wanted to write that song together".

In 2016, O'Neill said during a periscope stream that he wrote the song two years ago. When he recorded it with the American singer Lana Del Rey it was meant to appear on the album but by the label he wasn't able to release it.[4] Plans for the album as "NiGHTMARE BOY" were later scrapped in favour of a four track EP which the song did not make the cut for.

Critical reception[edit]

When the song leaked, It met with critical acclaim from some reviewers, who praised both O'Neill's and Del Rey's vocal performance and the lyrics.


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