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Area served
North America
ParentMontgomery Ward

Riverside was a store brand used by North American retailer Montgomery Ward to market a range of captive import motorcycles, mopeds and scooters. The vehicles were typically manufactured by Motobecane, Benelli, Bianchi, Lambretta, or Mitsubishi.[1] Benelli models included 250cc, 125cc, and 49cc models, Motobecanes with 49cc motors were also offered.[2]

Benelli models[edit]

  • 150-D (2-cycle 49cc)
  • FFA-14002 (2-cycle 49cc)
  • FFA-14003 (2-cycle 49cc)
  • FFA-14017, 14017C, 14017D, 14023 (4-cycle 247cc)
  • FFA-14020 (4-cycle 326.8cc)
  • FFA-14040, 14041 (4-cycle 356.3cc)
  • FFA-14043, 14047 (4-cycle 269.2cc)
  • FFA-61-14016, 14016B, 14019 (2-cycle 125cc)
  • FFA-61-14021A (2-cycle 175cc)[3]

Lambretta models[edit]

  • 125Li (2-cycle 125cc)

Mitsubishi models[edit]

Motobecane models[edit]

  • Mo-Ped (2-cycle 49cc)

Bianchi models[edit]

  • Orsetto (2-cycle 80cc)


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