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Riverstone is a 3,700-acre (15 km2) upscale master-planned residential community in Fort Bend County, Texas.[1][2] About 18,000 residents ultimately will live in 6000 homes.

The community is mostly located in unincorporated areas, primarily in the extraterritorial jurisdictions of the cities of Sugar Land and Missouri City.[3] A portion is in Missouri City itself.[4][5] Much of the early development (some 500 homes) was in the Missouri City ETJ portion, but about 60% of the total land area and most of the future homes will be in Sugar Land ETJ.

Riverstone falls into ZIP codes 77459 and 77479, respectively served by the Missouri City and Sugar Land post offices.[6] Some of the Missouri City properties fall into the latter ZIP code, thus having Sugar Land mailing addresses.

Riverstone stretches from State Highway 6 on the northeast to the Brazos River on the southwest. It is bounded on the north by Sugar Land's Bridgewater, Maranatha Farms and Lakes of Austin Park subdivisions, and by Missouri City's Heritage Colony subdivision. To the east are Missouri City's Colony Lakes and Sienna Village subdivisions, and Sugar Land's Pecan Manor is adjacent to part of the south boundary.[7] Parks are planned on much of the remaining south boundary (beyond the levees protecting against high water along the Brazos River).

441 houses were sold in Riverstone in 2016. Circa 2017 John Burns Real Estate Consulting, a company headquartered in Irvine, California, ranked Riverstone as No. 20 on its list of highest-selling Greater Houston subdivisions, and Robert Charles Lesser & Co. (RCLCO) ranked Riverstone as No. 18 on its top-selling list.[8] John Burns ranked Riverstone amongits top 25 in 2018.[9]


Homes in the community are zoned to Fort Bend Independent School District (FBISD) schools.[3][10]

Anne McCormick Sullivan Elementary School, which opened in August 2016, is located in Riverstone.[11] Its namesake, a firefighter, died in the Southwest Inn fire in 2013.[12] Other sections are zoned to Austin Parkway (unincorporated area), Commonwealth (Sugar Land), and Settlers Way (Sugar Land) elementary schools.[11] Previously Schiff Elementary School in Sienna Plantation served the Stonebrook subdivision.[13]

First Colony Middle School and Fort Settlement Middle School in Sugar Land serve sections of Riverstone.[14] Previously Baines Middle School in Sienna Plantation served the Stonebrook subdivision.[15]

Elkins High School in Missouri City serves all portions of Riverstone.[16] Previously Clements High School in Sugar Land served some sections of Riverstone.[17]

In 2014 FBISD proposed rezoning portions of the community to First Colony Middle School from Fort Settlement Middle School, prompting some area parents to protest the plan.[18]


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